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What is the Full Form of NCC? NCC Full Form in Hindi

NCC full form

The full form of NCC is the National Cadet Corps. The Indian Military Cadet Corps voluntarily provides basic military training to schoolchildren and students across India. The cadets receive basic military training in small arms and parades. The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a tri-service organization consisting of the Army, Navy, and Air Wing committed to training the nation’s youth to become disciplined and patriotic citizens.

Officers and cadets do not engage in active military service after completing the course. It is based in Delhi, and its directorates are located in different states of India. As of March 2020, Lieutenant General Rajeev Chopra, AVSM, is the chief executive of the NCC. NCC’s official song is titled “Ham Sabh Bhartiya Hain.” Sudarshan Faakir wrote it. His motto is “इकता ” in Hindi and “Unity and Discipline” in English.

NCC Full Form in Hindi:

NCC full form in Hindi is एनसीसी का फुल फॉर्म, नेशनल कैडेट कॉर्प्स के लिए है।

History and NCC Full Form in English:

The NCC came to light in India in 1950. It was initially known as the “University Corps” and was created to fill a gap in the Army. The University Training Corps replaced the University Corps in 1920. Its purpose was to enhance UTC’s reputation. This was an essential step in the Indianization of the Army. It was renamed the UOTC so the National Cadet Corps could be considered its successor. During the Second World War, the UOTC never fulfilled British aspirations. As a result, it is proposed that a new system be developed to better educate more young men. A committee suggested forming a national cadet organization in schools and colleges.

The Governor General approved the Law on Military Youth Foundations. The Military Youth Foundation came int light in July 1950. Moreover, the women’s section came to light in 1949. The Air Wing creation was in 1950, while the addition of the Navy Wing was in 1952. Moreover, the NCC curriculum expanded in the same year to include community service activities as part of the NCC curriculum. After the Sino-Indian War in 1962, NCC training became mandatory in 1963. Also, in 1968 the Corps was again considered voluntary. NCC, full form in English, is National Cadets Corps.

What is the Full Form of NCC?

NCC cadets served as a second line of defense during the 1965 and 1971 wars. The NCC established camps to assist ammunition manufacturers in supplying weapons and ammunition to the front line. The deployment of the NCC patrol squad was to intercept the enemy paratroopers. NCC cadets also work alongside civil defense officers. They are also actively involved in rescue operations and traffic control.

The NCC curriculum was updated after 1971. The revised NCC curriculum places increased emphasis on leadership and officer skills development. The amount of military training provided to NCC cadets has also been reduced. Social services and youth management are given higher priority.

NCC Full Form in Army and Motto of NCC in School/College:

At the 11th Central Consultative Meeting (CAC) on August 11, 1978, the slogan of the NCC was first voiced. The most popular ideas are “Duty and Discipline,” “Duty, Unity and Discipline,” “Duty and Unity,” and “Unity and Discipline.” However, on October 12, 1980, “Unity and Discipline” was the motto of the NCC.

The NCC aspires to be, and is, one of the nation’s most potent unifying forces. It brings together young people from all parts of the country. It has the task of shaping the people into united and disciplined citizens throughout the country.

The motto of NCC:

NCC’s motto is “Unity and Discipline.” True to its motto, it acts as a unifying force of the nation, uniting youth from different parts of the country and making them united, secular, and disciplined citizens.

NCC Flag:

The existing NCC flag came to light in 1954. It has three colors: red, dark blue and light blue. These colors represent the three services of the Corps, viz. Red represents the Army, Navy Dark Blue, and Air Force Light Blue. In the center are three NCC letters with the surroundings of the lotus wreath.

Core Values of NCC:

The guidance of NCC activities are by core values, some of which are as follows:

  • Respect the religious, linguistic, and cultural diversity of the country
  • Respect for the Indian Constitution and commitment to contributing to national development
  • Ability to be part of a community and social development programs
  • Healthy lifestyle free from substance abuse and other unhealthy practices
  • Be sensitive to the poor and socially disadvantaged
  • Honesty, honesty, dedication, and hard work
  • Value knowledge, wisdom, and ideas

NCC for Schools and Colleges:

National Cadet Corps (NCC) is India’s military cadet corps. NCC recruits cadets from secondary schools, colleges, and universities across India. NCC cadets undertake initial military training in light weapons and standard weapons.

How to Join NCC?

To join the NCC, candidates must apply. Applicants must be Indian or Nepal citizens to register at NCC. A candidate must have an excellent moral character to enroll in NCC. The applicant must have registered in the educational institution, and the NCC applicant must meet the required medical standards.

The age categories for joining NCC are – NCC Junior Division/Wing (Boys/Female) – 12 years to 18½ years, NCC Senior Division/Wing (Male/Female) – up to 26 years. The registration period is NCC Junior/Wing Division (Male/Female) – 2 years and Senior Division/NCC Wing (Male/Female) – 3 years.

NCC Full Form in Computer:

National Computer Center Network Color Coded Network Coordination Center No Cycle Check National Collaboration Center Non-Canon Symbol.

NCC Full Form in Medical:

In medicine, NCC stands for “neurocysticercosis.”

NCC Full Form in Share Market:

NCC is a stock market stock by the name of NCC Ltd.

What is the Uniform of NCC?

Below are the uniform details of NCC:

  • Naval cadge wears white Army uniforms, Army Kage wears khaki uniforms, and Air Force Kages wear light blue and gray uniforms.
  • Army Wing Senior Division (SD) boys wear long-sleeved khaki trousers. The boys’ Junior Division (JD) wears white half sleeves and white shorts.
  • Girls in the Naval Senior Wing (SW) and Junior Wing (JW) wear white shirts and half-sleeved pants. SD (Airwing) cadets and JD cadets wear the same uniform: a white and blue half-sleeved shirt and pants.
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