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What is the Full Form of LLB? LLB Full Form in Hindi | BA LLB Full Form

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The LLB Full Form is Legumes Baccalaureus, known as the Bachelor of Laws. The LLB is a three-year post-graduation law degree. LLB full form courses are offered by many of the leading law schools under the guidelines set by the Indian Board of Lawyers (BCI). BCI is the highest legal body that regulates legal education and the legal profession in India. The LLB entry program is offered in 3-year and 5-year formats.

The LLB is an undergraduate degree awarded by various universities worldwide to students who wish to pursue a career in the legal industry. This is the first professional law degree or bachelor’s degree for students who wish to pursue a career in their profession. Lawyers in India have long been a very popular career choice as a highly respected profession. One must have an LLB degree to work as a lawyer. Moreover, LLB can also choose other post-LLB career opportunities such as Corporate management, legal services, administrative services, etc.

Recently, 5-year degrees have become fashionable, replacing the 3-year LLB coat as the most popular entry-level law degree. For example, apart from NLSIU Bengaluru, no other NLU offers 3-year courses, but all offer 5-year integrated courses. Nonetheless, there are still some top-ranking law schools that offer 3-year courses.

LLB Education Degree Details:

The LLB full form is  Bachelor of Laws a 3 to 5-year higher education program. LLB course candidates deepen their knowledge of family law, criminal law, cyber law, international law, corporate law, etc. The average course fee for the LLB program is INR 2.5 – 4 LPA. LLB admission states that candidates can gain admission to this degree by passing the entrance examination. However, some universities also offer merit-based admission. However, the only requirement that an LLB candidate must fulfill is a degree from a recognized educational institution.

Some of the best jobs for an LLB are Lawyer, Lawyer, Lawyer, Paralegal, Corporate Lawyer, Legal Associate, Lecturer, etc. The average salary of LLB graduates in India is INR 4 to LPA 6. The best LLB colleges in India are Symbiosis Law School, KIIT Law School, Chandigarh University, ILS Law College, etc.

Eligibility criteria for Admission in LLB Course:

Qualifying Exam:

The candidate must pass a postgraduate examination in any discipline at a recognized university.

Minimum Marks:

Most colleges require applicants to score a certain minimum percentage on the entrance exam. For example, Delhi University requires at least 50% of the overall marks.

Important Note:

Public universities will also be relaxed in general SC/SAT scores, which do not apply to private universities, which use reasonably uniform admission criteria.

Law Colleges by Locations:

  • Law Colleges in Bangalore
  • Law Colleges in Mumbai
  • Law Colleges in Delhi
  • Law Colleges in Pune
  • Law Colleges in Chennai
  • Browse All Law Colleges in India

Syllabus of LLB Entrance Exams:

Most LLB entrance exams have a general syllabus with legal skills and knowledge as the most essential part of the exam. Unlike many other legal matriculation exams, the three-year LLB entrance exam is held at the final level, making it somewhat more complex than the 5-year LLB entrance exam. In general, the LLB curriculum consists of the following subjects.

  • Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • English Language and Comprehension
  • Basic Math
  • Logical and Analytical reasoning

How Can You Prepare for LLB Entrance Exams?

Here are some tips which can help you prepare for LLB entrance exams:

  • Familiarize yourself with the exam process you are taking.
  • Make a study plan and stick to it.
  • While you are studying, make notes about important points or things that you find difficult and need to be reconsidered
  • Make timely revisions. Note that complex topics take more time than less difficult ones.
  • Solve sample problems to understand the nature of the questions, check your test readiness, improve problem-solving skills, etc.
  • A mock test to complete your preparation.

Jobs and Career Opportunities after Three-year LLB course:

Law is a popular career choice for many students. It’s full of possibilities. With the increasing role of law in our society, law graduates are in great demand. Moreover, many colleges offer on-campus internships for law graduates. Some of the most popular post-LLB jobs and career options are as follows:


One of the most common careers for law graduates is to practice law in any court in India. Lawyers are always in demand and have a good reputation in the community. However, there are different types of lawyers, such as civil, criminal, corporate, social activist, etc. To practice law in India, law graduates must pass the All India Bar Examination upon completion of their degree.


Who doesn’t want to be a judge? It is the most respected profession in our society. Judges are seen as defenders of the constitution. They are representatives of the Indian courts and, as such, are the final arbiters in various disputes. To become district judges, LLB graduates must pass the magistrate service exam administered at the state level.

Policy Researcher:

LLB graduates are well suited to work as political scientists due to their familiarity with various aspects of law, political science, and research. Even on campus, many civil society organizations recruit law graduates as political researchers.

Law Officers:

Every popular organization maintains a team of LLB graduates as their legal representatives. They are law enforcement. Moreover, private companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, auto companies, and other big companies are looking for law enforcement officers. In the public sector, RBI, ICICI, SBI, and other PSUs hire lawyers.


What is the full form of LLB?

The full form of the LLB is the Bachelor of Laws or Legumes Baccalaureus. The course period takes 3 years.

What is the LLB full form in Hindi?

The full form of LLB in Hindi is बैचलर ऑफ लॉज या लेग्यूम्स बैकालॉरियस.

What is the BA LLB full form?

BA LLB full form is the Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Legislative Law is a 5-year undergraduate degree in the field of law that candidates can pursue right after completing their college education.

What Educational Qualification is Required for Studying LLB?

Students wishing to study LLB must have a degree in any subject from a recognized university.

What Are Some of the Top Law Colleges in India offering 3-year LLB?

During the 3 years of LLB, popular law schools in India were Delhi University, Panjab University, and Pune Symbiosis Law School.

What are Some of the Law Entrance Exams for 3-year LLB Admissions?

The famous law entrance exams for 3 years of LLB are the DU LLB entrance exam, Law MH CET, PU LLB entrance exam, SLS AIAT, and Indian LSAT.

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