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What is the Full Form of ICU? ICU Full Form in Medical | Full Form of ICU in Hindi

ICU Full Form

ICU full form in medical is Intensive Care Unit. This specialized hospital department provides critical care and life support to patients with serious injuries or illnesses. Intensive care units treat patients with the most severe and life-threatening injuries or illnesses that require constant and careful monitoring by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses. This team has the training to treat seriously ill or seriously injured patients. If needed, patients can be transferred directly from the emergency room to the intensive care unit. Usually done when the patient’s condition continues to worsen.

Type of Medical Equipment Available in the ICU:

The intensive care unit is equipped with various medical devices, some of which are as follows:

  • ECG ( Electrocardiogram)
  • Defibrillator
  • Anesthesia Machine
  • Blood Warmer
  • Patient Monitor
  • Mechanical ventilators
  • Dialysis machine
  • External pacemakers
  • Syringe Pump
  • Infusion Pump
  • Feeding tubes, suction tubes, etc.

What is the Full Form of ICU?

The full form of ICU is the intensive care unit. An intensive care unit is also known as an intensive care unit (ITU) or critical care unit (CCU). This is a specialized hospital or healthcare facility department that provides critical care, treatment, and therapy. Intensive care units provide critical care and life support for patients who have suffered severe injuries or are ill. The intensive care unit treats patients who require constant and careful monitoring by a team of specialist doctors and nurses.

If needed, patients can be transferred directly from the emergency room or intensive care unit. This usually occurs when the patient’s condition continues to deteriorate. There are special intensive care units for babies born prematurely or seriously ill. This is called the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The first doctor in the intensive care unit was Peter Safar. We will also discuss the full form of ICU in Hindi for our readers.

Treatment of Patients in ICU:

When a patient is brought to the intensive care unit, doctors and nurses can take more than an hour to assess the patient’s condition. It is normal to wait during this time. This can be frustrating, but ICU staff needs to stabilize the patient. A staff member will explain what happened as soon as possible. In the intensive care unit, patients are provided with the necessary facilities.

How Should We Behave in the ICU?

Here are some of the things which we need to keep in mind while going to an ICU:


Since ICU patients are highly susceptible to infection, visitors must wash their hands before entering the ICU to avoid infection.

Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones must be switched off in the ICU as they may interfere with critical electrical equipment.


Please consult the doctor or nurse in the ICU before giving the patient any food, as some foods can cause health problems.

Visitor Policy:

To ensure the well-being of patients, each ICU has a visitor policy. You should ask hospital staff in the intensive care unit when the patient can come and what the patient’s needs are.

The Background of ICU:

The concept of this latest life support came into light in the 1950s by anesthetist Peter Safar. Sedation and ventilation of patients in the intensive care unit is the main program behind this idea. As a specialist, Peter Safar is the first practitioner of intensive care medicine.

In 1953 the first Intensive Care Unit or Intensive Care Unit in Copenhagen was by Bjørn Aage Ibsen. The creation of the intensive care unit was in response to the polio epidemic, which left many patients under constant surveillance and ventilation.

Surgeon William Mosenthal established an intensive care unit in the United States in 1955. In the 1960s, cardiac arrhythmias were recognized as a cause of morbidity and mortality in myocardial infarction. And that led to routine cardiac monitoring done in the intensive care unit.

Types of ICUs:

Intensive care units have further specialization in different wards to cater to specific medical needs or patients in the hospital. Let’s look at some of them.

Coronary Care Unit:

It relates to patients with life-threatening heart conditions, such as myocardial infarction or heart attack. Coronary units have a much higher staff-to-patient ratio than other intensive care units.

Geriatric Intensive Care Unit:

This section is primarily for the care of terminally ill older people. This unit provides intensive care for age-related patients. Geriatric medical care includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, infusion therapy, dialysis, etc.

Isolation Intensive Care Unit:

This ward is for infectious diseases patients who are to isolate themselves from others. In addition, transferring these patients is to the general ward after full recovery.

ICU Ki Full Form:

Mechanical ventilators that assist breathing through an endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube; heart monitor to monitor heart condition; Devices for continuous monitoring of body functions; and a wide variety of medications to treat underlying hospital conditions are common elements in the ICU. Critical care systems include a network of IV lines, feeding tubes, nasogastric tubes, suction pumps, lines and catheters, and syringe pumps. Common critical care medications include medically induced coma, analgesics, and tiredness. You can use it to relieve pain and prevent the spread of infection. ICU ki full form is the Intensive Care Unit.

ICU Full Form FAQs:

What is the difference between an intensive care unit (ICU) and an Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU)?

The acronym ICCU stands for Intensive Coronary Care Unit. Transferring Patients in critical condition is to the same ward, which has more limitations than other wards.

What is the ICU Full Form in Hindi?

ICU Full Form in Hindi is इंटेंसिव केयर यूनिट.

What if someone is in the intensive care unit?

After the patient’s admission to the intensive care unit of a hospital, their illness is so severe that they require close medical monitoring.

Where do patients go after they leave the ICU?

Patients often stay in the hospital for at least a few days after discharge from the intensive care unit.

How long does it take to get out of the ICU?

Being patient and realizing that you can’t return to normal immediately is essential. It takes most people several weeks or months to recover from a severe illness.

How long will you be on life support in the ICU?

Patients with artificial hearts survive up to 512 days on less intrusive life support such as cardiopulmonary bypass.

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