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What is the Full Form of GPS? GPS Full Form in Hindi

GPS Full Form

The full form of GPS is a Global Positioning System. The Global Positioning System (GPS), originally NAVSTAR GPS, is a satellite navigation system owned by the United States of America (USA) and operated by the United States Air Force. Originally developed to assist soldiers and military vehicles, it is now accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver. Since ancient times, people have looked to the sky to find their way.

Ancient navigators used the stars in the night sky to find out where they were and where they were going. Today we can all know where we are in this world with the help of a small GPS. But we still need objects high in the sky to know where we are and how to get to other places. GPS, full form in English, is a global positioning system.

What Are the Uses of GPS?

Here are some of the uses of GPS full form in computers, a global positioning system.

Find the Location:

Today we use satellites instead of stars. 29 navigation satellites move high above the earth. These satellites can tell us exactly where we are; 24 of these 29 satellites are operational, while 5 additional satellites. These satellites orbit the earth in 6 different orbits and complete one orbit in 12 hours. This is the primary use of GPS. For hiking and trekking enthusiasts, GPS has many advantages.

Suppose you were hiking with your friends and separated, then GPS can help you find each other’s location. GPS tracker full form is a global positioning system. When you travel or visit places you don’t know about, GPS can help you reach your destination safely and find the best route to your destination, or it can show you shortcuts.

GPS Use by the Army:

The United States was the first country to introduce GPS into its military. Many armed forces around the world are using GPS for different tracking purposes. Other countries have also decided to expand their satellite navigation networks as a defense mechanism in times of war. You can use the GPS to track the location of other vehicles and machines, such as missiles, and map during combat. India has also developed its own GPS system called the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).

On the Plane:

Most modern aircraft use GPS receivers. It is used to provide real-time aircraft status to pilots and passengers. They also provide maps with destinations depending on where the plane operates. GPS tracks the aircraft and guides the pilot to that position. It is also used to know where to change in case of weather or other problems. GPS tracking full form is a global positioning system.

On a Ship:

A ship captain needs a highly accurate navigation app to navigate through the water to his destination. The GPS application ensures that the channel is clean and that there are no other obstacles that can interfere with your navigation.

Road Transport:

This app decides the fastest, safest, and most economical route to a particular destination. Most of the users of this technology are taxi services, emergency vehicles, freight forwarding services, and public transport monitoring. Many Surrey owners also use this app, and most new car models are equipped with GPS. Most of us ask what is the full form of GPS. Well, the answer to this popular question is the global positioning system.


Many science faculties (e.g. biology and earth sciences) use GPS applications extensively. Before the invention of GPS, scientists used metal and plastic tape to tag animals and track them in different locations while observing them. However, the invention and improvement of navigation applications help scientists to put on animal collars, and the application can automatically record animal movements. The transmission of information is to researchers via satellite.

This means they can find animals without physically finding them. Most sciences taught in schools have more practical evidence because GPS provides accurate data. GPS tracker full form is also a global positioning system.

What is the Full Form of GPS?

The full form of GPS is Global Positioning System. It is a satellite navigation system that allows ground users to pinpoint their exact location, speed, and time 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions and worldwide. Managing and developed by the US Department of Defense, it was primarily for assisting soldiers and military vehicles. Still, it became available to anyone with a GPS receiver after a few decades. It is widely used to track vehicles and find the best route from one place to another by airlines, shipping companies, courier companies, drivers, etc.

History of GPS:

The first GPS was developed in the 1960s to help US Navy ships navigate the oceans more accurately. The first system started with five satellites, allowing ships to check their location once an hour.

The Functionality of GPS:

There are 24 satellites plus a few spare satellites that orbit for 12 hours (two orbits per day) at an altitude of about 18,500 miles. The positioning of four satellites is above the horizon from any point on earth.

The GPS device first establishes a connection to 3 to 4 satellites to receive information. GPS satellites broadcast messages containing the recipient’s location. The GPS receivers combine messages from different satellites to calculate an exact position using triangulation.

GPS satellites need an unobstructed line of sight to communicate. Therefore, this technology is not ideal for indoor use. There, some devices use nearby cell towers and public Wi-Fi signals. This technology, called LPS (Local Positioning System), replaces GPS ka full form of the global positioning system.

FAQs of GPS Full Form:

Full Form of GPS in Hindi:

GPS full form in Hindi is GPS का क्या मतलब है? GPS की फुल फॉर्म Global Positioning System होती है.

What is GPS, and how does it works?

GPS or Global Positioning System works through the atomic clocks they carry. This atomic clock gives a very accurate time. Since the receiver can continuously determine the exact time of sending the signal, entering the time information into the code sent by satellite.

What is GPS used for?

GPS ka full form Global Positioning System was developed to allow military and civilian users to pinpoint precise geographic locations. This global positioning system is based on using satellites in earth orbit. It transmits information that makes it possible to measure the distance between the satellite and the user.


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