Top 5 Amazing Camping Sites Near Pune

Camping Sites Near Pune


As we adjust to the old and monotonous life, Friday nights become a wonderful respite for all of us! At some point, we all quit our jobs and go to a quieter, more peaceful place to enjoy the greenery. Have you ever wanted to settle in nature on a river bank, camp in a wooden hut or tent, and watch the stars all night long? long? It’s like a dream life. A quick way to do a split especially if you are staying in Pune. The city sits between the mighty Sayador on one side and the beautiful plateau on the other and offers plenty of opportunities to explore. Camping near Pune is one of the most popular activities and recreation for tourists and locals alike.

We Have Listed A Few Campsites Near Pune:

Pawna Lake Camp

Have you ever imagined waking up by the lake next to your tent and breathing the last smoke from the campfire? mosquito? All this can be experienced at Lake Pona. Located 10 km from Kamshet on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway, it is a scenic camping spot. Various players own campsites, offering barbecues, outdoor games, music nights, and more. Pauna is the perfect place for a quiet weekend with friends and family.

Kaas Plateau

Maharashtra is proud to have its own valley of flowers. And why? At a distance of 136 km from Pune, this place truly feels like heaven. Kaas is a residence for families and above all for photography enthusiasts. The best time to see them is from September to November, so let’s celebrate the best time to see them! It is home to about 850 species of flowers and has many hiking trails. In the camp, he can choose to check into one or pitch a tent. Until recently, this place was a well-kept secret, but now people from nearby towns flock here to see the flowers, hike, and take pictures.

Rajmachi Camping

Rajmachi Fort is located approximately 10 miles from Lonavala. He is one of the most popular trekking and camping destinations. The good thing about summit trekking is that the trekking grade is ‘easy’, making it a popular destination for beginners and those less adventurous.

Once you reach the top you can pitch a tent in the open area or stay in a villager’s house for a small fee

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are sorted as very hospitable locals serve delicious Maharashtrian food!

Other seasonal attractions include pre-monsoon fireflies and Kataldar Falls during monsoons. Since it is a trek, winter and monsoons are ideal as summer tends to be too hot and uncomfortable.

Camping at Vejle

Another unusual destination about 50 km from Pune (1 hour 45 minutes drive) is Vejle. A small village close to nature. A really good soul cleansing can be done here where you can set up a campsite or select one of the already set campsites.

Enjoy a range of activities including football, cricket, and archery, learn how to pitch a tent, and enjoy a barbecue and campfire in the evenings.

Monsoons and winter are ideal seasons for camping in Berge, but campsites are available year-round. If you want to venture beyond camping, you can explore Torna Fort, just 5km from the village. This fort has historical significance as it is one of the first forts acquired by the great Maratha warrior Shivaji He Maharajji.

Lonavala – Khandala

These twin hill stations are absolute favorites. It’s about 70km from Pune, and you can easily go down in about 2 hours by car! The ride itself is smooth and scenic. The best thing about these places is that there is something for everyone! An ideal picnic spot for the whole family. From luxury stays to water parks, adventure resorts, and camping, you’ll find it all here. Due to its accessibility, it can be visited all year round. Winter and monsoons are ideal times, which is why people flock here every weekend. 

Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar

Another major strip, Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, has been the focus of many hill stations. The distance is only 100 km, but it takes time to reach the summit due to the ghats. If you want to enjoy strawberries, is it from winter to early summer? While watching the strawberry fields bloom. The beauty of the valley seen from the winding narrow road is pleasing to the eye.

Again, Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar Caters to All Ages

Relax. Kids can enjoy adventure activities like abseiling, rock climbing and ziplining. Young people can also enjoy trekking and take home many locally-made foods such as jams, juices, and syrups. The most popular attractions are Parsi Point, Sydney Point, Venna Lake, and Rimmala Falls, and half-day tours include a trip to Tapora or Pratapgad. If you are looking for a lakeside campsite near Pune, these places are great.

Kundalika River

A game of rafting but no time to go to Rishikesh? do not worry. Drive 100 km to this destination. The only place in Maharashtra where rafting is offered is the Kundalika River. For an adrenaline rush and experiencing grade 2 and 3 rapids, this is the place to be. Plenty of campsites to choose from! You can choose according to your budget! Rafting takes place in the months after the monsoon! So plan your trip accordingly.

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