Top 4 Small Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs to Start in 2022


With so many business ideas in 2022, it can be hard to know which ones are worth pursuing. While sometimes jumping on a new trend can be risky, it can also be advantageous. You may find that many of the ideas on this list are gaining popularity in recent times. Others have long been popular, making them more competitive but less risky. However, we have discussed some of the most innovative small business ideas to make money.

Drop Shipping

Want to sell products online but don’t have the money to buy and stock up? Consider drop shipping! Drop Shipping is an e-commerce business model that doesn’t require you to manage physical products. You must set up an online store and work with suppliers. For ready-to-store, package, and ship orders to your customers. You don’t have to spend hours searching for products because you can use drop shipping apps like Automizely to find great products to sell.

Check out this Shopify drop shipping course to learn more about selling online without inventory if you’re looking for an online business idea that’s easy to pursue. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that beats drop shipping. It is one of the easiest businesses to start when you have access to the right tools and resources. People are often attracted to drop shipping because you don’t need to keep inventory. However, if stockings aren’t a problem (there may be room in that spare cupboard), you might consider buying the product in bulk.


Multilingual people are always in demand. So if you can speak two or more languages, consider starting a small business where you can monetize those skills. You can find clients on Upwork and Flexjobs and slowly build your portfolio. As you work with more and more companies successfully, you can hire more translators who specialize in other languages ​​to do the work for you.

Promoting your business on social media sites is also a good idea as it allows you to reach a wider audience. Do you only have a few hours a day for free? Translation is one of the best side business ideas to pursue because you can schedule your clients based on when you can work.

Website Flipping

Changing a website is one of those new business ideas that excites everyone, from working parents to young college graduates. It involves buying an existing website, improving its design and content, and selling it for a profit. You can buy and sell websites to make money in several places. For example, the Shopify marketplace, Exchange, allows you to purchase an eCommerce site that you can further improve through content marketing, SEO, and other tactics. Once your website generates more revenue than you bought it, you can sell it on the marketplace.

Home-based Catering

If you have a knack for cooking and see it as a creative outlet, you can earn a decent income by starting a home catering business. The initial investment depends on how big of a setup you want. For example, if you start with a minor event that you can manage yourself, you should be able to start a business for less money. Most home restaurant owners start by creating a website. Experimenting with local food markets or joining a platform that allows cooking experts to put their culinary skills to good use.

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