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Ten Must-Do Things When Visiting Kazan

Visiting Kazan

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and one of Russia’s oldest cities. It is located 719 kilometers east of Moscow’s capital. In addition to the numerous sights, fine roads, and pleasant parks, the local food is a compelling reason to visit. 

Kazan is a beautiful city that still holds the heritage of ancient ruins. Also, known as the melting pot of cultures. There are many offbeat and memorable things that one can experience while visiting here. If you are enticed to explore and planning to go there anytime soon. Without any doubt, start planning, get turkish airlines tickets online and save up to 50% off on round trips on every flight. To assist you, following our tips should make your stay more enjoyable.

Here you will find more than ten attractions and economical trips in Kazan tourism. There are several indoor and outdoor locations in Kazan that are worthwhile to visit on any given day.

Prevent the Suyumbike tower’s collapse at all costs

According to local mythology, this tower was named after the one and only woman to ever rule over the Khan of Kazan. Ivan the Terrible would have proposed marriage to Suyumbike after hearing stories about her extraordinary beauty, but she would have declined. Suyumbike would have been bound to comply with the tsar’s terrible demand if he had threatened to wipe Kazan off the map.

Admire the beautiful Kul-Sharif Mosque with admiration

In addition to being located within the Kremlin, the Kul-Sharif Mosque is without a doubt one of the city’s most spectacular structures. Once upon a time, a mosque was here; however, it was destroyed in 1552, when the Mongols conquered Kazan, and the site has been unoccupied ever since.

Spend time exploring the Farmers’ Palace

This magnificent structure, which proudly bears the moniker of a palace, is a major tourist attraction that attracts tourists from around the globe. Even though the Tatar Ministry of Agriculture is housed within the walls of this Palace of Farmers, not all of the city’s citizens are aware of its grandeur. 

Savor the exquisite flavors of Tatar cuisine

You must taste numerous foods, such etchpotchmak, smetannik, peremiatch, boukken, and baoursak. Dom Chaia (“The Tea House”), located at 64 Bauman Street, is the place to go if you want to sample traditional home-cooked Tatar cuisine in a Soviet-era atmosphere. We cannot urge you enough to go there (the main pedestrian street in Kazan). 

Sail to the Svyazhsk island

Sviajsk, which is 58 kilometers away from Kazan, is often cited as a place with tremendous energy. Due to the fact that it is connected to the mainland by a tiny isthmus that is traversed by a road, it is not strictly an island. Today, Svyazhsk is one of the most significant tourist destinations in Tatarstan. 

Observe the city of Kazan at night from the other bank

The Civil Registry Office is located on the other side of the Kazanka River, within the Kazan Family Center. According to legend, the city’s name comes from the Tatar word “Kazan,” which means “cauldron.” As a result, the structure has been designed to resemble a cauldron, a symbol of fertility and prosperity. This unique structure is surrounded by flying panthers and Zilants, who are various forms of dragons and the city’s favorite animals. 

How to reach Kazan?

By Air

With the exception of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the majority of airports in Russia. An airport is a source of pride that offer flights to Kazan. In preparation for the 2013 Summer Universiade, it underwent a complete renovation and now resembles a typical European airport. 

By Train

The train station was also renovated in 2013’s summer, and it now has a decent appearance and a contemporary vibe. In addition, English signage is installed around the station. It is not at all difficult to reach Kazan from any of the major cities in European Russia, and it is also possible to take the Trans-Siberian route via Kazan.

By Road

Although it is possible to hail any vehicle in Kazan as a taxi, the process is more complicated than in Moscow. You will observe that the majority of cars that stop are occupied by multiple people. Use your best judgment to determine whether or not riding with them is a wise idea. Using this form of taxi, you may travel practically anywhere in the greater central area that is worth visiting for a maximum of one hundred Rand (two euros).


At night, pleasurable and romantic activities might be performed. Kazan offers family-friendly activities, allowing you to spend more time with your children. Book your trip with AirlinesMap to plan at very budget-friendly rates for enjoyable activities for you and your children to enjoy today or this weekend.

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