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What is the Full Form of SSC? SSC Full Form in English | SSC Full Form in Hindi

SSC Full Form

The people who need to know about the SSC full form are Staff Selection Commission. It is an Indian organization that recruits for various positions in various ministries and departments of the Government of India. It also recruits for junior positions. The committee is chaired by a doctorate in medicine and consists of two members and an audit director who assists the chair. Moreover, the headquarters are in New Delhi, India.

In addition, the SSC is regulated regionally for smooth testing. There are now 7 regional offices in Mumbai, Allahabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Guwahati, and two sub-regional offices in Raipur and Chandigarh.

The Personnel Committee manages the selection process to fill various positions and positions. There are pretty 20 types of jobs ranging from B to Group C. The eligibility criteria is a degree in any recognized university branch to be used for the SSC exam. In addition, physical fitness and measurements are required for several posts, sub-inspectors, and the narcotics division.

What is the Full Form of SSC in English?

Do you know the full form of SSC in English? If not, then today’s article will bring you great joy. After that person got a government job, he became utterly calm. Because when one enters a government job, there is no fear of being fired or fear of low pay.

SSC Full Form in Hindi:

The full form of the SSC is the Staff Selection Commission. Founded on November 4, 1975. Moreover, it was initially called the Subordinate Service Commission, which was changed to the Staff Selection Commission in 1977.

SSC Full Form in English:

The SSC Full Form in English is Staff Selection Commission, abbreviated as SSC. He is seen as the lead commissioner for a wide range of opportunity providers, with many candidates hoping always to be associated with the government. The Commission is responsible for recruiting candidates for positions B and C in the central government service. Moreover, the Personnel Selection Committee is affiliated with the Department of Personnel and Training and consists of a chairman, two members, and an inspecting officer. His responsibilities include conducting audits, formulating and amending regulations, conducting departmental audits for promotions, preparing hiring plans, and other duties.

Major Functions of SSC (Staff Selection Commission)

Here are some of the significant functions of SSC:

SSC: Secondary School Certificate:

SSC Full Form is a Secondary School Certificate. The school graduation exam, also known as the SSC or matriculation exam, may be a public exam administered by many educational authorities, including the CBSE and other state agencies. Moreover, it is also known as the 10th Compulsory Exam because students of the 10th grade or class appear for it. SSC exams are administered in many countries including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It complies with the GCSE in the UK. It follows HSC, i.e. Students who pass the SSC exam are eligible to appear at HSC.

Indian States which Conduct SSC Examination:

Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh are the states in India that administer SSC exams. The structure of the exam may vary from board to board. Moreover, upon completion of this course, students will receive a certificate with a grade or percentage based on their performance in the exam. In India, more than 1.3 million students took this exam in 2014.

Common Subjects for SSC Examination:

Here is the list of the most common subjects for the SSC examination:

The SSC exam is administered annually in March or April at the national level by the Central Council for Secondary Education. One must enroll in a central or state high school to apply for this exam.

Frequently Asked Questions of SSC:

What is SSC Qualification?

A secondary Education Certificate, also called SSC, can be a public exam in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, administered by the education authorities in these countries as a final exam. Moreover, students from grade 10 can appear for this exam.

What are SSC and its jobs?

It offers lower Division Registrars (LDC) positions in various departments within the Group. Office Services at the Soldier Headquarters / Secretariat of the Railways Office. Grade C and Grade D Postal Stenograph.

What is SSC Post?

Subordinate Service Commission. SSC can be a corporation above the government. India for recruitment to various posts in various government departments and Ministries of India and its Subordinate Offices.

Which Jobs Are in SSC?

The jobs available in SSC are:

 Who is Eligible for SSC?

The SSC regulations for positions are 18-27 years. There is a unique relaxation of the CHSL SSC rules for candidates belonging to different categories.

Staff Selection Commission: Eligibility Criteria and Offices:

Different admission criteria apply to all selection procedures carried out by SSC. However, the minimum requirement to take the SSC exam is to pass Class 12 from a recognized institution or hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. SSC recruits candidates for various positions. The salary scale of the candidate depends on the level of the position. For example, a position in the SSC CGL exam has several pay grades such as:

Location of Regional Offices of SSC:

SSC conducts screening and recruitment for various departments through a network of seven regional and two sub-regional offices. Regional offices are located at:

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