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Why Pacman 30th Anniversary is Celebrated by Google and it’s Players?

Pacman 30th anniversary

It was the time of 1980 when a company named Namco located in Japan created a new game. There was a goal behind creating this game, and that was to let it play by as many people as possible. After its Pacman 30th anniversary release in North America, PacMan, this game became so popular and soon became one of the most played arcade games ever made. 

Pacman was released almost 30 years ago today! But now today it has known as one of the most iconic video games in this digital world. The reason behind its popularity is not rigid to know why it’s so popular. However, it’s the simplest but highly addictive game that you can easily play on even your phones or tablets. Due to the popularity of this game Pacman’s 30th anniversary is celebrated worldwide.

5 Awesome Facts About Pacman:

Now we are going to talk over the five surprising facts about Pacman that you’ll never know! Interestingly, you must know first that the Pacman game turns 30 now! Let’s get started to know about the Pacman (classic video game) 30th-anniversary celebration!

You will be astounded to know that the designer of Pacman had never heard of Pac-man before he was planning to design it. Therefore, there was a legal reason to change the first 4 letters. 

Must know that Pacman turned 30 years in 2017. We can give it resemblance with some of our old readers who are connected with us for years. 

One of the other facts you must know is about its creator. Most people think its creator is American. But no, he is Japanese! Moreover, his name is also pronounced and written wrong that is Toru Lwatani. But his correct name is Toshio Lwatani

Most people are not aware of the first name of this game. Thus, let us clear it! In the older time, it was known as puck-man, but later Namco changes its name from puck-man to Pac-Man. The reason behind changing the name was a vulgar Japanese term that was paku-paku. It was the sound of eating. 

It was one of the amazing facts you will be amazed to know that there is a special image created by google in honor of Pacman’s 30th anniversary. Interestingly, there were more than 30 million results when we last counted. 

Happy Birthday, Pac-Man!

Pacman is bringing a relishing experience for over three decades. That’s why Google also commemorated his big day by creating a special image for him. It’s a special interactive version of google love, that is loving to see. It’s unbelievable that our little yellow friend is no littler now! Personally, playing video games is one of the ways in which I can relax and calm myself. Therefore, I want to say thanks to Pacman for all the happy and great moments I spent with you Pacman. No worries if most of the special logos have disappeared from the home page. But these are still available in archives. 

How Google Celebrates Pacman 30th Anniversary Game:

As a matter of fact, Google is well known and aware all around the world of special events and days. That’s why Google keeps changing its logo and home page on some special occasions and days. You will be amazed to know that Google is also aware of the Pac man’s 30th anniversary, and celebrated as well with a special image. Moreover, on the play Pacman’s 30th anniversary, a new version was released by Japan. That permits you to maneuver a pizza-shaped character. 

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Why Does The 30th Anniversary Of Pacman Have A Lot Of Fans?

We know you might be thinking about the reason for Pacman’s 30th anniversary’s popularity. Stop thinking anymore, because we are going to discuss this in this article. You might be thinking you have not overheard the celebration the preceding year. But Namco does it every year. But in 2017 google give a wake-up wave to the fans of Pacman. Namco made this big day more special by releasing a new edition for the fans. He releases that edition as an anniversary gift to Pacman. Interestingly, we would like to add that if you are a PlayStation or Xbox user, you can also play this game. 

Play Pacman 30th Anniversary:

If you want to play Pacman 30th anniversary, then simply click the button that generally says “I am feeling lucky” but now is the legend “insert coin.” On the other hand, the game will start itself, when you will not do anything. Moreover, if you are two people there to play, then you have to click twice on “Insert Coin.” 

You can use plenty of sources on the internet to get the Pacman 30th anniversary cheats’ code. But you have to find an operative and reliable one! At first, you have to type “Google Pacman Cheat Code” and then make sure there is no mistake in this phrase. You will get aggregated results from various sources that are sorted by user interest. If you want to find matches for the “Google Pacman cheat code” then you must reach the title and description provided carefully. At last, click on the most relevant links given below!

Interestingly, you will be astounded to distinguish that its 40th anniversary is coming this year on 22nd May 2022. For which they have planned so many more interesting things to do. So, get ready for the more amazing new games to enjoy!

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