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Jaisalmer Sightseeing: What are Places to see in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Sightseeing


Jaisalmer’s charm and chivalry need no further explanation. We have devised a series of adjectives to describe this gem of Rajasthan’s jewel – battle-forged fortress, chivalrous charm, riotous colors, glorious sand dunes, slightly arrogant pride, and romantic honor. Most are almost perfectly suited to describe one or more of Jaisalmer sightseeing places that embody the idea of ​​incredible Indian heritage with courage and passion. Get a glimpse of the breathtaking wonders of the main tourist attraction, the city.

Best Time to Visit Jaisalmer

The ideal time to visit Jaisalmer is from October to March (winter season). The temperature at this time is between 5°C and 24°C. It is the best time in Rajasthan to enjoy activities such as desert safaris, boat rides, and hot air balloon rides.

1. Jaisalmer Fort – The Magnificence of Rich Rajputana

Raja Jaisal built this fort, a beautiful example of Rajasthan architecture and a must-see attraction in Jaisalmer. The best time to see the fort is at night when everything is lit up and shining! This is one of the best places in Jaisalmer.

2. Bada Bagh – Royal Walk

Popular for its huge gardens, built by Maharawal Jait Singh. Bada Bagh was built as a memorial to the nobles who fought for the city. Not only nobles but also family cremations took place here

It has become a popular name among attractions in Jaisalmer due to its historical story. It is simply mesmerizing to walk around this vast space and observe how the royal buildings blend so well into the green surroundings.

3. Patwon Ki Haveli – For Beautiful Carvings

Patwon Ki Haveli was built by his Guman Chand, one of the city’s prominent merchants. This haveli is known for its huge intricately carved suites. The walls are beautifully decorated, and the corridors are wide and decorated with works of art from the period, making him one of the best places in Jaisalmer for all types of travelers, especially art lovers, students, and history buffs. It is

4. Salim Singh Ki Haveli – Beautiful view of the city

The highlight is the Salim Singh Ki Haveli, with its peacock-shaped roof and sandstone tusk-guarded entrance. Slightly different from other similar structures in modern times, Havelis have their own artistry. Also known as Jahaz His Mahal because the front of the haveli resembles the stern of a ship, he is one of the main highlights of this spectacular attraction that sets it apart from other Havelis in Jaisalmer. is. This is certainly one of the best places in Jaisalmer.

5. Sam Sand Dunes – Exciting Camel Ride

Another name for Jaisalmer’s attractions is the vast sandy bottoms and crumbling sand ridges. At Sam Dunes, visitors can explore dune peaks and valleys during camel and jeep safaris. In the evening, bonfires are held with folk music and dances, providing a glimpse into the city’s rich culture. Several camps are set up here, and you can experience desert camping like royalty in well-maintained tents.

6. Gadisar Lake – Silk Water Boating

Raja Rawal Jaisal built Gadisar Lake to meet the water needs of Jaisalmer at that time. Beautiful chhatris, temples, and sacred shrines have been built around the lake, creating a peaceful atmosphere for romantic retreats and making it a popular name among Jaisalmer’s tourist attractions. During the winter season. can also take a boat ride on this beautiful lake.

7. Desert National Park – Encountering the Wild

One of the largest animal habitats in the country, Desert National Park is home to unique flora and fauna that are unique to desert habitats. Spread over a large area, the park offers insight into typical desert vegetation, birds, and animals. Here you can see a wide variety of desert animals, reptiles, and birds early in the morning and at sunset. This is certainly one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Jaisalmer.

8. Sadar Bazaar – Shopping

Dolls, knick-knacks, jewelry, handicrafts – these synonyms refer to the vibrancy and joie de vivre of people and their spaces. Sadar Bazaar – One of the most popular markets in the city he is known for selling typical Rajasthani handicrafts. In addition, shades and variations are a memorable joy of life.

9. Silk Root Art Gallery – A glimpse into Rajasthani art

Heritage Gallery offers a great selection of Rajasthani handicrafts, patchwork, antiques, clothing, and accessories. You will have the best time of your life when you will visit Jaisalmer “the golden city”. Do not forget to witness the beautiful sunsets. 

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