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How to Get More Website Traffic With Better Web Hosting Solutions

Web Hosting

It is essential to have a beautiful and powerful website in order to run a successful online business. However, beauty doesn’t rely on how good looking is your website but also rely on How good its foundation is. It means where that website is hosted. An excellent web hosting solution is an essential part of making a website great.

If you running a small business in your town, you can get customers from worldwide by expensing online. Moreover, if you already run a small online store, then you need to improve its structure, security, and speed in order to be successful. And if your online business website is not been set in motion then it is the right time to know about best online business practices.

There are hundreds of tips and tricks that tell you how to gain more traffic on your website. The website’s foundation is crucial to getting more traffic, but no one tells you about it.

In this article, we are going to talk about a website’s ecosystem. The importance of web hosting solutions, and how can you get the right hosting plan for your website.

Importance of Web Hosting Solutions

A website can’t go online without having a space on the server. Because it’s a web server’s duty to store all your website’s content and make it accessible to users across cyberspace.

And if we talk about a business website then it can’t go online without being polished or professional looking. A stable, secure, and cheap web hosting solution is the most essential thing a website wants to become successful. 

However that is not all, your website can’t perform well without getting proper resources. Resources like CPU, Storage, Bandwidth, and RAM. also the types of web hosting also play a major part in a website’s performance. While shared servers are a compatible solution for new websites, VPS and dedicated hosting are meant for medium and larger business websites.

You can get more online traffic if your website ranks on top of SERP (search engine results pages). For that, your website has to follow webmaster guidelines and improve your website’s SEO. And best web hosting solutions play a huge role in improving your website’s SEO score.

A web hosting provider is as important as your web hosting solutions are. A solid web hosting company provides you with everything from domain registration to website builder tools. Also, best-in-class customer support for technical assistance. 

Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Hosting Solutions

You must have considered shared hosting for small online projects when looking for the best web hosting solutions to host a new website. It is cheap, simple and the most cheerful hosting type to start a website with.

Because in this hosting your website has to share the space and resources of the primary server with multiple users. And when your website starts to grow shared servers can turn into troubles.

On the other hand, VPS solutions provide you isolated, virtual environment on a physical server you don’t have to share with anyone else. Because of virtualization technology, a single physical server can split into multiple Virtual servers. And when you use a VPS Server to host your website online you don’t need to share any server resources with any other website. 

If we compared it with shared hosting then if any website on a shared server uses more server respite s then other websites have to suffer from performance loss. Shared servers may crash if there is a high load. But in VPS your website doesn’t get impacted by any other website hosted on another VPS server. 

And if we talk about a dedicated hosting solution, when a website owner purchases a physical server just to host his website is called dedicated hosting. In this hosting, all server resources and features are solely dedicated to a single website and no other website can impact your website performance. 

It is the most powerful way to host a website online but it is the most expensive type of web hosting solution as well. It is used by large organizations and big business websites.

While VPS is costlier than shared hosting it provides more flexibility, security, and scalability as well. 

Finding the Perfect Web Hosting Provider

From shared to dedicated there is a hosting option available for everyone and you will get what you pay for. If you don’t have a high budget and want to host a new website Shared hosting is perfect. And once you have outgrown the limitations of shared hosting you can easily upgrade to a VPS for better server resources and more benefits. And after VPS you can switch your tabs to a dedicated server.

However, to get the best web hosting solutions, it is important that you find a reliable and trustworthy web hosting company. And for that, you have to do a lot of research about web hosting companies’ plans and packages.

There are several factors you have to look for in a web hosting company-

Server Uptime

If you are using web hosting services for a long time then you must be aware of server downtime problems. And if you are new then let me tell you about Server uptime and downtime and why it matters. 

Basically, server uptime refers to the time in which your server is up, running, and providing data to users. It majors in percentage and a good web hosting company provides at least 99.90% server uptime. 

Free SSL Certificate

SSL(secure socket layer) provides more security to your website. Basically, it creates an encrypted layer between your website and users who visit your website, so whatever users do on your website cannot be seen by any 3rd person. Your website becomes more reliable with an SSL certificate. Many companies provide a Free SSL certificate so make sure your purchase a Cheap Web hosting solution from a company that offers SSL without extra cost.

Unmanaged and Managed Web Hosting Solutions

If you are tech-savvy and want to manage your server by yourself then you can buy an unmanaged hosting server. In this hosting, you will only get a server and you have to perform your other activities all by yourself. You will get a control panel to do those activities like email services, Add-On-Domain, etc. 

And when you purchase managed web hosting solutions the web hosting company does all server tasks and activities for you. You don’t need to do any activity at all. 

Managed hosting came at a higher price than unmanaged and it is up to you what hosting type you prefer for your website. 

24/7 Customer Support

Almost every web hosting provider provides customer support that is available 247/365. But you have to look that is your company’s customer support is reliable or not. To get proper information about a company’s technical support you can check out the reviews and ratings that their customers have provided on different platforms. That will give you a slight idea about how good is your company’s customer support team.


Web hosting solutions do not put any direct impact on website traffic. However, it plays a huge role in improving a website’s SEO and the Website’s SEO score helps your website to reach out to more audiences.

overall, web hosting solutions are very important if you are thinking to start an online business or want to expand your current online store. A website can’t grow without reliable hosting solutions and that is why it is the most important thing in today’s world. 

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